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AIRAYA KnowledgebaseWirelessGRID WG-300 (375 Mbps) Software Configuration

WirelessGRID WG-300 Current Settings Tab
Article # 391
Title WirelessGRID WG-300 Current Settings Tab
Abstract WG-300 Current Settings Tab - Provides Current Setting Information for a WirelessGRID 300 Outdoor Wireless Network Bridge
  Help Topics - WirelessGRID-300 Settings

This tab allows you to view, but not change, system information and current setup of your WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

General Settings:

  Software Version. Current software (firmware) version installed on this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

  Hardware Version. Current hardware revision of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

  Bridge Uptime. Time bridge has been up since last reboot.

  Operating As. Specifies the operating frequency range and configuration of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

  Unique Name. Unique name assigned to this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

Wired Network Settings:

  IP Address. Current IP address of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge. The IP address for each WirelessGRID-300 bridge must be unique, so please check with the network administrator for the correct IP address to be assigned to this device.

  Subnet Mask. Current subnet mask of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge. The subnet mask allows networking software to determine which parts of the IP address specify the network address and which parts specify the host address.

  Gateway Address. Current gateway address of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge. IP packets destined for other subnets are automatically sent to the default gateway, which routes the traffic to the correct network.

  MAC Address. Unique Ethernet address of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

Radio Network Settings:

  WirelessGRID-300 ID. Displays the bridge link name.

  Remote MAC Address. Ethernet address of remote WirelessGRID-300 bridge at other end of link.

  Country Code. Displays the current country configuration of this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

  Radio Channel Width. Displays the current channel bandwidth in MHz. 40 MHz channels use 20 MHz for control processing, which can be either the lower 20 MHz or upper 20MHz.

  Center Frequency. Current IEEE or Public Safety channel center frequency for this WirelessGRID-300 bridge.

  Noise Floor. The noise floor value is dB above the ground floor.

  Encryption Type. Displays the current encryption type.

  Radio Data Rate. Current radio data rate setting. Available options for data rates are based on the Channel Size (width).

  Radio Transmit Power. Current radio transmit power setting.

  Distance. Distance to remote bridge.

  Transmit Power Control (TPC). Current status of TPC.
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