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Innovative wireless bridge kit customer application & success stories - AIRAYA products are used in service provider and wireless ISP, education, enterprise, government, public safety, and healthcare installations worldwide. The following are examples of successful deployments using AIRAYA outdoor wireless bridges.


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Enterprise Search Engine Company
N. California, USA
Problem - Needed to connect networks in two buildings in support of company expansion. Lead-time on wire line fiber connection was beyond move-in timeline for company. Solution - Installed AI108-150 link running at 30Mbps between buildings to allow extension of company network to new facilities in timely fashion.
Enterprise (Insurance Company)
Illinois, USA
Problem - Cisco 350 802.11B 2.4GHz bridge not providing enough network capacity between two sites. Solution - Upgraded 802.11B 2.4GHz backhaul link to AI108-2 heated units to increase backbone capacity, expand service, and handle extreme weather requirements that may come up.
Enterprise (Manufacturing)
California, USA
Problem - Needed to upgrade 2.4GHz 802.11B link between corporate office and manufacturing facility to allow for real-time manufacturing automation. Solution - Upgraded Cisco 350 802.11B 2.4GHz backhaul link to AI108-050 to increase backbone capacity by more than 5 times. Kept 802.11B bridge operating as live back-up.
Enterprise (Healthcare)
Colorado, USA
Problem - How to extend data network between two buildings in order to transmit very large x-ray files and other patient data. Solution - Installed AI108-1 backhaul links in order to support requirement for fast and affordable access to patient data.
Enterprise (Mortgage Company)
Washington, USA
Problem - How to extend T1 circuits between two buildings across the street from each other. Solution - Installed AI108-1-050 link with Engage Communications IP Tube (IP Mux) product to extend circuit without going through the local ILEC. Also providing high speed data service through the same connection.
Enterprise (National Association)
Virginia, USA
Problem - How to extend data services between two buildings .5 miles from each other in support of new software development operations center. Solution - Installed AI108-1-150 backhaul in order to extend backbone capacity to more than 30Mbps.
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