300 Mbps Outdoor Wireless Bridge. 4.9 GHz to 5.8 GHz Fixed and Mobile Wireless Outdoor Bridges for voice, data and video distribution. Proven, reliable and fast outdoor wireless video solutions for ITS, transportation, and Surveillance Applications. Have a Question? Ask an Expert
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300 Mbps Wireless Mobile Subscriber Unit : WG-300-MSU for Wireless Mobile Video Surveillance in DSRC, Transportation, Fleet Management, Military and Public Safety EnvironmentsAIRAYA Wireless Mobile Subscriber Unit for Mobile and Solar Applications in Fleet Management, Transportation, DOT, DSRC, Public Safety and Fleet Operations

Product Highlights

This Wireless Mobile Subscriber Unit is designed as a weatherproof mobile or solar powered outdoor or trunk-mountable radio delivering a comprehensive range of product features, ensuring fast, secure and reliable mobile networking services, including...

Easy to Configure and Use Simple mounting and installation, configuration, and management

Rugged NEMA4 (IP66) Design for reliable operation and long-term use in public safety and transportation environments

12 Volt (8-30VDC Input) Power System for installation in buses, cars, trucks, and 12 to 24 Volt solar systems

Optimized for Video with very low latency layer 2 protocol and tunable multicast filters/video optimization settings

N-Type Female Connector for easy connection to external trunk and magnetic mount antennas

Rugged Weatherproof Ethernet Fitting for network connection, cable protection and strain relief

SecureRFTM Architecture combines mandatory radio authentication and 128-bit AES data encryption for secure mobile communication

Compatible with all standard 1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet switches, routers, 802.11q, 802.11p VPN, Video, and VoIP protocols. Up to 1600 byte packets

Data rates of 300 to 1 Mbps using AIRAYAs Adaptive Intelligence (AI) engine, advanced bridging protocols, and 40, 20 MHz wide channels

Adaptive Modulation which optimizes link quality and maximizes system throughput

Real-time monitoring of WirelessGRID radios via HTML, Telnet, and SNMP. Displays signal strength, connected MSU's, radio stats, data rate, channels...

WirelessGRID-300 Mobile Subscriber Unit (Model #: WG-300-MSU) - Get datasheet (PDF)

For low-latency, high-performance mobile/solar wireless applications

Rugged Compact Design for Mobile and Solar Wireless Applications

The AIRAYA WirelessGRID-300 Mobile Subscriber Unit (MSU) is designed for use in harsh environments where wireless multipoint communication is needed between base stations/mobile command centers and vehicles, or between two or more vehicles in a hotspot. This unit features a outdoor-rated, ruggedized enclosure, integrated vehicle mount brackets, a 12 Volt (8-30VDC Input) vehicle power cable, and weather protected Ethernet cable fitting.

The Mobile Subscriber Unit (MSU) provides for easy installation, maximum range and capacity, delivering outstanding performance in a ruggedized design. Utilizing OFDM technology in the 4.90-5.85 GHz frequency range, the WirelessGRID MSU provides the maximum operating frequency capability with a data rate up to 108 Mbps.

Reliable Performance and Minimal Frequency Usage

Ideally suited for bandwidth-hungry applications in harsh environments that require secure, reliable, and predictable multipoint connectivity, the ruggedized WirelessGRID Mobile Subscribe Unit (MSU) provides optimal delivery of IP video, voice, and data services. With AIRAYA's exclusive 20 and 40 MHz wide channel plan, more than 50 available channels can be used to meet your capacity, speed, scalability, and usage needs, while minimizing frequency usage and complying with local regulations.

Advanced SecureRF Security Designed for Private Networks

Radio network security is provided with mandatory radio authentication and embedded 128-bit AES data encryption. In addition, a unique radio mask, an advanced radio protocol and unique channelization ensure the prevention of hacking, data theft and unauthorized intrusions.

Scalable Architecture in a Mobile/Solar Power Design

Designed for use in networks up to 124 mobile subscriber units per base station radio (up to 496 MSU's per 4-radio base station), the WirelessGRID MSU utilizes power input in the range of 8-30VDC, and has an MTBF of 50,000 hours.

Solar and mobile ready, the WirelessGRID Mobile Subscriber Unit gives you reliable, high-performance connectivity for public safety, transportation, fleet, and military networks, quickly and cost-effectively.

Wireless Mobile Subscriber Unit - Model: WG-300-MSU Specifications

4.940-4.990 GHz Public Safety Band (FCC Part 90, licensed Intl.) Non-overlapping Channels: 9 x 5 MHz, 5 x 10 MHz, 2 x 20 MHz, 1 x 40 MHz

5.25-5.35 GHz license-exempt Non-overlapping Channels: 15 x 5 MHz, 8 x 10 MHz, 4 x 20 MHz, 2 x 40 MHz

5.47-5.72 GHz license-exempt (ETSI, FCC, ITU) with TPC and DFS Non-overlapping Channels: 12 x 20 MHz, 5 x 40 MHz

5.725-5.850 GHz license-exempt UNII & ISM Bands Non-overlapping Channels: ISM, UNII: 5 x 20 MHz, 2 x 40 MHz

Radio Type

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)


802.3, 802.1Q, 802.1P, Cisco ISL, VLAN

Total System EIRP and Radio Output Power

Radio output power: Max: 21 dBm (Set to local regulatory requirements to comply with transmit, conducted and EIRP power limits)
Radio Receiver Sensitivity
Data Rate
1 to 300 Mbps
-73 to -91 dBm
Operating Mode Point to Multipoint and Hotspot, Ad-Hoc for Vehicle to Vehicle
External Antenna Options Antennas Ordered Separately. 4, 6 or 9 dBi Omni Trunk or Magnetic Mount Antennas Supported

Configuration and Management
Configuration Utility Built-in Web server. Telnet. Available at all times through secure interface
Software upgrade FTP Download
Antenna alignment Real-time RSSI (signal strength) monitor, link optimization and throughput maximization utility via HTML, Telnet
Real-time Montoring Secure Management Interface - Real-time signal strength, authentication data, system uptime, data rate, channel selection via HTTP, Telnet, and SNMP

SecureRF Radio Security
SecureRF Bridge Authentication and Data Encryption SecureRF Architecture - Mandatory radio authentication, 128-bit AES data encryption, unique radio mask, proprietary layer-2 protocol

Mechanical Dimensions
WG-300S-MSU Mobile Subcriber Unit

10 x 8 x 3 in (25.4 x 20.3 x 7 cm)

Mounting Support Vertical and Horizontal Mounting with Included Kit

Operating Temperature -22° F to 140° F (-30° C to 60° C)
Operating Humidity and Dust Protection NEMA4, IP66 Rated for use in Harsh Environments
Shock Thermal: 1° drop in temperature over 15° Range 6g Peak (Instantaneous)
Vibration 0.3g RMS, 5-200 Hz

Power System Input: 12 Volts (8-30VDC) Auto-ranging. Max. 6.6 Watts continuous draw

Compliance and Certification
Radio Public Safety (Part 90), FCC 15.407 (UNII, ISM), Industry Canada RSS-210, ETSI CE Mark (w/TPC and DFS), Anatel
Safety UL - Canada, USA, CE Mark, RoHS, WEEE
EMC FCC Part 15, Industry Canada RSS-210, ETSI, EN 301 893, EN 301 489-17,EN 50385, RoHS
Emissions Designators 4.9 GHz: 5M00X1D, 10M0X1D, 15M0X1D, 20M0X1D

Models and Ordering Information

Mobile Subscriber Unit (MSU) w/15ft. Power Cable, 1 x N-type Female Connector, 1 x Bulkhead Ethernet Connector


Outdoor BASE Station w/150ft. PoE Cable, 1 x Radio and 1 x N-type Female Connector (Up to 42 Mbps TCP/IP Capacity)


Outdoor SuperBASE w/150ft. PoE Cable, 2 x Radios and 2 x N-type Female Connectors (Up to 84 Mbps TCP/IP Capacity)


Outdoor SuperBASE w/150ft. PoE Cable, 3 x Radios and 3 x N-type Female Connectors (Up to 100 Mbps TCP/IP Capacity)

WG-300-BSU4 Outdoor SuperBASE w/150ft. PoE Cable, 4 x Radios and 4 x N-type Female Connectors (Up to 100 Mbps TCP/IP Capacity)
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